Saturday, 29 July 2017

Bigg Boss Juliana and Ceebros Boulevard Residents

I am not a regular TV viewer, especially for TV serials. By blah blah kind of Hip Arthritis has forced me indoor for the past several weeks and my condition may continue so for several coming weeks. A new kind of reality show interested me.

Amongst the less known celebrities joined a rural bold girl with lot of grit and determination, Juliana. She was hated by almost all. Together with a fellow gentleman, Paramakudi Bharani. The later attempted to jump the wall and got succeeded in forced door walk away to freedom. Juliana determined to be with the crowd. The crowd that thinks big about themselves and considers Juliana as a cheap junior. Like any idiot, over jubilant girl, she fell, tripped on carpet. The fall was sudden, total, stomach violently hitting the floor.  That she developed huge, unbearable pain after few hours is natural. At that time, most others, including Namitha, Gayathri, Raiza, thought …. Juliana is acting and overdoing and their comments were audible. At the time of fainting, ears work and register the sounds. So, Juliana was telling Oviya, “other are telling, I am acting! I was able to hear them while I was almost fainting!’. Oviya comforted her. We all, who watched the reality serial know.

But what happened next is intriguing. Equals the performance of this high society (?) gated (but compound wall left broken) community residents. Once upon coming back to rational thinking, Juliana changed the tables. She told everyone else, Oviya only said, “others are telling, you are acting!”. Juliana decided to ignore Oviya and did things that was pleasing to others. Pleasing to the very same people who loudly accused Juliana of acting.

Now, one more of AGM/EGM meeting taking place. Everyone will act, in such a way, it will be pleasing to the others. Pleasing especially to the select few, who placed themselves due to serendipity at advantageous position and calling shots either from behind or in the open. The select few are very successful, in diverting attention of majority of residents, in the guise of calling them tenants, as if untouchables. In diverting the attention of tenants, with beautiful campaigns in the guise of saving the world with some big initiatives. Juliana (residents) knows the real culprits. Better she will be with them enjoying the comfort of not getting nominated for eviction.

Please DO NOT ask (no use even if you ask, you will be branded a villain spoiling the peaceful atmosphere of a happy society), the following questions:-

1.       As per the builders agreement, Ceebros had cleared committed in writing, the following:

a.       Presently the project is not having water supply and drainage facility. When the facility becomes available, the builder will do the needful to get that facility.

What effort the committee took to get water and drainage at the cost and efforts of builders?

2.       Among, about 326 residents, any opinion sought, if they agree and support the stupid program of garbage collection at door steps, reducing this society into a street house with a calling bell to dispose the garbage when bell rings?

3.       The convenience store, suppose to be a common property of everybody, why left to the ownership of builders?

4.       Society having as per its own declared records, above Rs.7 crores corpus and surplus money, why buying water at Rs.24 Lakh and selling to residents at Rs.70 Lakh (figures from audited accounts).

5.       In Jan-2015, an EGM was organized, to answer corruption charges raised by a resigned committee member. At that time, notice was fixed in all lifts. Why no minutes or action taken report circulated later?

6.       Why apartment adda moderators never reveal their identities? Why, tenants (85% of occupants and income contributors) do not even allowed to see or read the posts marked ‘owners only’?

Please do not ask these questions. Behave like a Juliana. Go with popular opinion (popular opinion of select few, not outside masses). Clap when told to give a big hand. Most important, do not read . Just behave no such web site exists.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Who is the President ?

Respected Secretary ;

In a rare gesture (for this CBFOA), your have revealed your name and designation in a notice fixed in Lifts that is informing about an EGM to be held on Sunday at 10 am in indoor games room to discuss about repairs in the aftermath of cyclone 'Vardah'. Unfortunately this small print notice is already covered by another 'car advertisement' notice by very next day. This makes me to wonder that holding secret meetings by select few and creating records as if formal meeting was conducted and collective decision taken - is being falsely created.

You are aware that, me, when was owner and resident in one flat volunteered to become a committee member, found systematic corruption and malpractices, and was forced to resign, through a well organised campaign by select few.  I sold that flat and became tenant in another flat. It is at that time, when I became tenant, I came to know that, 'tenants do not even see' what is posted and discussed among owners in apartment-adda forums. As apartment adda is highly manipulated by select few (I am sure, you are NOT part of that), who do not even reveal their identity, and hate messages against me, that crossed decency and dignity of educated people (calling me 'boil in ass', statement 'I should be kicked out of this community', calling and provoking others that 'all should join hands and attack my residence') posted, I have stopped visiting apartment adda and even common facilities of this gated community.

I am, now, owner and resident in another flat . I receive no notice or intimation about any meetings. I am entitled to receive them, in paper records, delivered at my place. Please do the needful.

You have revealed yourself as the Secretary. Kindly let me know, by record, who is the President and who are the signatories for operating bank accounts and the procedures following in electing or selecting them.

For reasons that is already recorded and communicated several times, that I am being singled out and attacked and threatened, in the last EGM conducted in January 2015, unknown hooligans and rowdy elements were brought in and threat made to me, minutes of that EGM, specifically conducted to answer corruption charges leveled by me, was never circulated, water inlet to my apartment (when was in Flat 3-B) was poisoned, induced hate atmosphere created against me, .... I will NOT attend this EGM proposed on Sunday 29-01-2017. 

Your present association, created by representation of hardly 10% of occupants, made to appear bigger attendance by creating false records of multiple members for select flats, without serving proper notice at visible place and delivered at addresses, is almost illegal. Money extortion from residents for December 2015 floods, disconnecting DG power supply to them, is illegal. 

Though, I do not attend this EGM, I record my opposition to any extra levies or charges forced upon the residents of this gated community for repairs and restorations for 'Vardah Cyclone' damages. Repairs and restorations need to be done, out of huge funds already available without any fresh levy on owners or occupants. Please mark it as my view.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

High resolution Security Cameras in Ceebros Boulevard – Did not capture the Chain Snatching Robber

High resolution Security Cameras in Ceebros Boulevard – Did not capture the Chain Snatching Robber.

2014 FIFA World Cup Final was in full swing. Children were playing Soccer everywhere. So was in Ceebros Boulevard. In one of the committee meeting security camera captured video was played. It was very vivid and clear. Kids were tossing and playing foot ball in the long corridor. Rarely banging at lift doors and apartment doors. After possibly a 20 minutes video, a question was thrown at me (already identified as a rebel), ‘How to tolerate and manage these kind of behavior by kids?’.
I politely told them. Play the video on Independence Day celebrations for everyone to see. Give some gifts and sweets to participating kids. Then tell them politely, ‘Play as you like, but not in common corridor. Play in the open designated area!’ . My suggestion was promptly rejected and laughed at. Strictly worded notice was placed in lifts and notice boards. That, no play allowed in common area, no kids cycles, footwear, door mat allowed outside doors of any flat. They will be ‘confiscated’. I strongly objected to the word ‘confiscated’. I told them, even police have no authority to ‘confiscate’. Anyhow, due to various other reasons, I was forced to resign subsequently and I was practically ex-communicated.

Its OK! Can the CBFOA (Ceebros Boulevard Flat Owners Association), who provided very clear and vivid footage of kids playing football in corridor, provide now, clear footage of the robbery that took place in a corner flat in 8th floor yesterday (01-03-2017) at around 6:30 pm ?

Ceebros Boulevard has obviously, all the modern facilities. It did not provide video door access. Why? Because Ceebros Builders had provided even better amenity of ‘watching entire set of security cameras by any flat in their TVs at a particular Channel’. Presently this great security feature is used (misused) by select few flat owners. 90% others do not even know such facility exists. I myself came to know of this great feature, only after overhearing conversation of some privileged committee members. Had this already available facility is made active, many other flat residents could have watched and taken steps to capture the chain snatching culprit. Why not? Why not?

............. Do not just read! - React. If not appreciating, atleast condemn me !

Gated Community are not Heaven ! They could be Haven for Crimes ..

(Unless properly managed) Gated Community are not Heaven ! They could be Haven for Crimes ..

Two years back, when security entrance boom barriers did not work properly and vehicle sticker was introduced, I, as committee member, vehemently opposed. I put-forth the following points.
1. Vehicle sticker will un-necessarily identify us when parked away from our community. There always exists a simmering jealous towards elite and well settled by section of community. They think, these people are elite, let them be robbed. Let them pay more. Compared to other Indian cities, this tendency is more in Tamilnadu, particularly Chennai. This explains behavior of people like auto drivers. So our vehicles need not be restricted to be identified with a sticker.
2. When in-gate boom barrier became working and out-gate was kept open (as it remains now for past few weeks), I particularly objected that, criminals may make a fast crime and escape easily as the out gate is kept open. And this exactly happened this time, A helmet wearing, ceebros vehicle sticker affixed culprit entered the apartment, walked into a flat, threw chilly powder at the face of elderly lady, snatched the gold chain, and simply got out, riding his two wheeler.
3. Before two years, when I was committee member, when I saw a suicide attempted young lady was carried in half eye lid open condition and she did not come back even after 10 days, I asked the committee to check with flat owner and tenant and ensure the survival and well being of that lady. Else ask Police to investigate. I was branded as interfering in personal matters of other flat owner /occupant and with few more developments, I was forced to resign.

These are part of 42 issues I highlighted after hosting contents at

Remember, in a normal community, of 326 residents, 1) the chain snatching thief could not have easily escaped. 2) A possible homicide could not have been covered up that easily.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Fear come True ! Daring Chain snatching in this gated community !!

Today (01-03-2017) around 6:30 pm, it is reliably learnt, some chain snatchers gained entry into this so called, 'high security gated community with surveillance camera all around', daring sprayed chilly powder on a elderly lady (in a known and popular committee member flat), snatched the gold chain and sped away.

Gossip is around that a driver molested a small female child in this gated community few days back.

Few months back, a lady in un-conscious, open eyelid condition was carried away from 1st floor Block-2. Police entered.. - Entire sequence suppressed from others.

I have highlighted all these issues before 2 years itself when I was committee member and found corruption and malpractices in this so called 'elite community'.

As 'Apartment adda' only forum allowed for residents to interact with each other is 'highly manipulated' and controlled by few unidentified vested elements, and anyone complainingt about anything is removed instantaneously, and people like us were denied right to post comments, even when I was committee member, I created '' as a interactive blog and ' as a content website and hosted all the information.

The 42 issues highlighted by me at are relevant even today. It is unfortunate, in this 326+ residents, no one ever bothered to read or react. May be people thought that, I am jobless and they are very busy VIPs. In internal communications, I made them to know, I head a Rs.100 Crore 'Tech-Startup' and aim Rs.1000 Crore within 2021. My asset base is much bigger than these presumed VIPs. Some people thought that I am claiming publicity. It is due to that, I stopped revealing my name.

It is high time residents of this gated community freely exchange views, ideas and opinion and if required legally tenable 'Residents Welfare Association' as the present 'Owners Association' is curtained, curtailed, remain in the shadow of few individuals who are highly manipulative, cunning, daring and go to any extent including hiring unknown elements who tried to attack me and public posts were made in 'apartment adda' calling me 'boil in the ass' and calls were made, in the very same 'apartment adda' that I should be ousted from this community. On a specific day, my water supply was poisoned. I am unwell. Find it difficult to walk. I had been important prosecution witness and complainant in sensitive cases and court has observed that I deserve personal protection. People like me, Dr.Subramanian Swamy, Traffic Ramaswamy, will be always around, doing our possible little efforts, even though, we are ridiculed by many in the society.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Picture book story of Library ...

A picture-book story of how a library was born ... is article about how a dingy room in Ceebros Boulevard apartment got converted into a library ... well narrated and published in 'The Hindu' dt.27-01-2017 in its DOWNTOWN - Supplement.

Great article with good narration.

What people unaware, including the contributor of this article, Mrs.RR is .....

This was not a dingy room. It was the room of accountant and his assistant. In the Ceebros managed days, the accountant sitting here used to issue pre-printed proper serial numbered receipts for all payments irrespective of cash, cheque or credit card. Outside this room used to have display of water meter reading for all apartments at one place. You can compare the water meter reading of one flat with another and compare and be satisfied that it was transparent.

People used to visit this accountant room used to interact with family members and get things clarified on the spot.

The team that took over from Ceebros Managed affairs, first stopped issuing printed receipts. Then they closed this room and made it to become dingy. In the basement, in interior, visitors could not use their cell phone and interact with family members on the spot for any clarification. Printers made not to work. Extra hand for accountant was removed from service. People were forced to use 'apartmentada' a third party software, that can easily be manipulated by select few, who never revealed their identity. When you pay through 'apartmentadda' the actual statement in your credit card or bank will not reflect 'CBFOA'. So, on a later date, you can not even prove, you made a payment to CBFOA.

But with great difficulty, the committee member (who resigned and hosting this blog) came to know, huge sum of money was being paid to 'account service provider' who was ex-resident and now, not even living here. The 'account service provider' name and address is kept secret.

In the midst of this, voice were raised, to display water meter readings in common place, as in the past, and have the account room shifted back.

To prevent this, this cunning clever exploiters, involved ladies and children and converted the 'made dingy' room into a library.

Fools paradise ...

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Footwear and Personal Belongings Stolen - Anybody to guess reason ??

21-June-2016. Many households found the foot wear and personal belongings left near their door, stolen (if someone has taken without intimation, what else to call it as ?). Guess Why ?

Many people including some committee members are fooled to think it as a cleanliness drive. No.

It is an attention diversion tactic (how cleverly politicians do, they should learn some lessons here). Financial year is over. Accounts needs to be submitted. New President, Secretary, Treasurer to be elected. One modern elderly committee member (half trouser lady) had successfully and completed hidden from common residents and police a possible homicide in her let out apartment.

This is association that is suppose to have a cash balance of above Rs.12 Crore by now.
This is association that is showing in books of accounts Rs.3.60 Lakh being spent on maintenance team per month.

This is association that is spending Rs.1.78 Lakh per month to an account service provider (he was ex committee member) who had provided just a single person as accountant. When the account maintenance was questioned, this man simply replaced the previous accountant and put all blames on that old accountant.

This is association that is claiming to pay Rs.24000 per month to a single ordinary security posted at our place.

This is association purposely avoiding supply of metro water to this apartment block (buy lorry water, spend more money, enjoy additional income)

This is association that collected from residents gas charges in commercial rates but paid to supplier in domestic rates and pocketed the difference. Now to avoid trouble, changed the gas agency.

This is association , whenever important topic is taken by some body, to divert the attention they will create temporary other problems.

This association that makes every household to spend considerable time to segregate waste and claims it big initiative. Where there used to be single bin, now 3 bins, In prime hours all lifts are occupied by these 3 times more trash bins. Go and watch when the corporation lorry arrives. All bins are dumped together and taken by same lorry. Then why the nonsense of 3 times more work and more work load to our honorable residents ?

This is association that conducted a special EGM to answer corruption charges but never circulated the minutes or findings.

This is association that has a third party software (apartmentadda) and creates the contents in such a way that tenants do not even see what is posted and read by owners.

This is association where tenant residents (85%) totally silenced. But their money is utilized to augment the coffers of individuals and association which in turn is controlled and manipulated by very same individuals.

read (remember without 'www' prefix) and for information.

Care for the society where you live. Register your opinions here! Even negative opinions will not be erased or prevented (as done in apartmentadda)

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Flood relief Account Submitted

After persistent query flood relief account is submitted in public forum as under:

Intentional Errors and Malpractices in Account Maintenance

Friends, In May 2014 when I became a owner, the first thing I did was to opt to become a 'Committee Member' so that I help the association, instead of just making suggestions. In just 3 committee meetings I found intentional errors and malpractices. The committee meetings took place for hardly 5 minutes as eye wash. Most of decision were taken in private conversation among select few.

Intentionally no paper records were maintained.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Our maintenance payment goes to some other company in Delhi. Not Ceebros Boulevard Association. Why?

Today someone attempted to pay maintenance using apartmentadda .
As one can see, the payment goes to M/s IBIBO Web P Ltd and the address is incomplete and not traceable. Why? For a residents apartment society, bound by society laws, payment should go to the association and its legal account directly. Who is responsible for this fiasco ?