Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Fear come True ! Daring Chain snatching in this gated community !!

Today (01-03-2017) around 6:30 pm, it is reliably learnt, some chain snatchers gained entry into this so called, 'high security gated community with surveillance camera all around', daring sprayed chilly powder on a elderly lady (in a known and popular committee member flat), snatched the gold chain and sped away.

Gossip is around that a driver molested a small female child in this gated community few days back.

Few months back, a lady in un-conscious, open eyelid condition was carried away from 1st floor Block-2. Police entered.. - Entire sequence suppressed from others.

I have highlighted all these issues before 2 years itself when I was committee member and found corruption and malpractices in this so called 'elite community'.

As 'Apartment adda' only forum allowed for residents to interact with each other is 'highly manipulated' and controlled by few unidentified vested elements, and anyone complainingt about anything is removed instantaneously, and people like us were denied right to post comments, even when I was committee member, I created '' as a interactive blog and ' as a content website and hosted all the information.

The 42 issues highlighted by me at are relevant even today. It is unfortunate, in this 326+ residents, no one ever bothered to read or react. May be people thought that, I am jobless and they are very busy VIPs. In internal communications, I made them to know, I head a Rs.100 Crore 'Tech-Startup' and aim Rs.1000 Crore within 2021. My asset base is much bigger than these presumed VIPs. Some people thought that I am claiming publicity. It is due to that, I stopped revealing my name.

It is high time residents of this gated community freely exchange views, ideas and opinion and if required legally tenable 'Residents Welfare Association' as the present 'Owners Association' is curtained, curtailed, remain in the shadow of few individuals who are highly manipulative, cunning, daring and go to any extent including hiring unknown elements who tried to attack me and public posts were made in 'apartment adda' calling me 'boil in the ass' and calls were made, in the very same 'apartment adda' that I should be ousted from this community. On a specific day, my water supply was poisoned. I am unwell. Find it difficult to walk. I had been important prosecution witness and complainant in sensitive cases and court has observed that I deserve personal protection. People like me, Dr.Subramanian Swamy, Traffic Ramaswamy, will be always around, doing our possible little efforts, even though, we are ridiculed by many in the society.