Sunday, 29 January 2017

Picture book story of Library ...

A picture-book story of how a library was born ... is article about how a dingy room in Ceebros Boulevard apartment got converted into a library ... well narrated and published in 'The Hindu' dt.27-01-2017 in its DOWNTOWN - Supplement.

Great article with good narration.

What people unaware, including the contributor of this article, Mrs.RR is .....

This was not a dingy room. It was the room of accountant and his assistant. In the Ceebros managed days, the accountant sitting here used to issue pre-printed proper serial numbered receipts for all payments irrespective of cash, cheque or credit card. Outside this room used to have display of water meter reading for all apartments at one place. You can compare the water meter reading of one flat with another and compare and be satisfied that it was transparent.

People used to visit this accountant room used to interact with family members and get things clarified on the spot.

The team that took over from Ceebros Managed affairs, first stopped issuing printed receipts. Then they closed this room and made it to become dingy. In the basement, in interior, visitors could not use their cell phone and interact with family members on the spot for any clarification. Printers made not to work. Extra hand for accountant was removed from service. People were forced to use 'apartmentada' a third party software, that can easily be manipulated by select few, who never revealed their identity. When you pay through 'apartmentadda' the actual statement in your credit card or bank will not reflect 'CBFOA'. So, on a later date, you can not even prove, you made a payment to CBFOA.

But with great difficulty, the committee member (who resigned and hosting this blog) came to know, huge sum of money was being paid to 'account service provider' who was ex-resident and now, not even living here. The 'account service provider' name and address is kept secret.

In the midst of this, voice were raised, to display water meter readings in common place, as in the past, and have the account room shifted back.

To prevent this, this cunning clever exploiters, involved ladies and children and converted the 'made dingy' room into a library.

Fools paradise ...