Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Footwear and Personal Belongings Stolen - Anybody to guess reason ??

21-June-2016. Many households found the foot wear and personal belongings left near their door, stolen (if someone has taken without intimation, what else to call it as ?). Guess Why ?

Many people including some committee members are fooled to think it as a cleanliness drive. No.

It is an attention diversion tactic (how cleverly politicians do, they should learn some lessons here). Financial year is over. Accounts needs to be submitted. New President, Secretary, Treasurer to be elected. One modern elderly committee member (half trouser lady) had successfully and completed hidden from common residents and police a possible homicide in her let out apartment.

This is association that is suppose to have a cash balance of above Rs.12 Crore by now.
This is association that is showing in books of accounts Rs.3.60 Lakh being spent on maintenance team per month.

This is association that is spending Rs.1.78 Lakh per month to an account service provider (he was ex committee member) who had provided just a single person as accountant. When the account maintenance was questioned, this man simply replaced the previous accountant and put all blames on that old accountant.

This is association that is claiming to pay Rs.24000 per month to a single ordinary security posted at our place.

This is association purposely avoiding supply of metro water to this apartment block (buy lorry water, spend more money, enjoy additional income)

This is association that collected from residents gas charges in commercial rates but paid to supplier in domestic rates and pocketed the difference. Now to avoid trouble, changed the gas agency.

This is association , whenever important topic is taken by some body, to divert the attention they will create temporary other problems.

This association that makes every household to spend considerable time to segregate waste and claims it big initiative. Where there used to be single bin, now 3 bins, In prime hours all lifts are occupied by these 3 times more trash bins. Go and watch when the corporation lorry arrives. All bins are dumped together and taken by same lorry. Then why the nonsense of 3 times more work and more work load to our honorable residents ?

This is association that conducted a special EGM to answer corruption charges but never circulated the minutes or findings.

This is association that has a third party software (apartmentadda) and creates the contents in such a way that tenants do not even see what is posted and read by owners.

This is association where tenant residents (85%) totally silenced. But their money is utilized to augment the coffers of individuals and association which in turn is controlled and manipulated by very same individuals.

read (remember without 'www' prefix) and for information.

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