Saturday, 16 January 2016

Our maintenance payment goes to some other company in Delhi. Not Ceebros Boulevard Association. Why?

Today someone attempted to pay maintenance using apartmentadda .
As one can see, the payment goes to M/s IBIBO Web P Ltd and the address is incomplete and not traceable. Why? For a residents apartment society, bound by society laws, payment should go to the association and its legal account directly. Who is responsible for this fiasco ?

Saturday, 9 January 2016

You seem to have lot of information. How come ? and Why you publish them in bits and pieces?

This is another question posed by a lady regularly visiting our Gym. I came as tenant. Became owner. Became committee member. Found no probity maintained. No questions answered. I resigned, but continued my pursuit (much to the discomfort of 90%). At one stage I was intimidated. water supply to my flat was poisoned (no one will believe, that is the truth). In a specially convened EGM on 11-01-2015, (exactly year back) I was heckled. Someone in apartment adda mentioned that 'I am not fit to live in a gated community'. In the specially convened EGM, I was heavily outnumbered. People who supported me in private were forced remain mute spectators.The lady who called me 'publicity seeking nuisance' after ascertaining that I am a genuine person, gave her flat to me to become tenant. For several days after that EGM, I did not even venture out into open areas of gated community fearing attack. That is the fate of whistle blower like me.

My reading of novel, 'inferno' motivated me. If any other person had read that novel, let us blog about that separately. I purchased '' (now available at domain and put some of my evidences in internet.

The person who is root cause of all misdoing in this apartment, is skillfully diverting the attention of general residents with big initiative, book club and other social initiatives. His remarks, motivated me. The blog by another army person also motivated further. So this BLOG! :)

Anaïs Nin

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

― Anaïs Nin
Unfortunately, even after 1 full year, all the 42 issues raised by me is not resolved.

In power backup mode, how much units a family consumes in our gated community ?

The same gentleman asked this question also in same private communication. Answer is split for convenience of the reader and for easier understanding of knowledge seeking young generation ....

According to website, as per their page, it is 7.23 units per day.
It is as per below chart.
Electricity consumption Calculation
Appliance Watts No. Hours Watt x Hours Units /day
CFL Bulbs 15 8 4 480 0.48
Cieling Fans 100 3 8 2400 2.4
TV 32 inch LED 40 1 4 160 0.16
Fridge 250L 4★ 501 U/year* 60 1 24 1440 1.44
Micro wave 700 1 0.5 350 0.35
induction cooker 1200 1 1 1200 1.2
Air Fryer 1500 1 0.5 750 0.75
Others 150 1 3 450 0.45
Total 7.23

Taking answer to previous question about cost of power generation, at a DG set power production cost of Rs.11.50 per unit, for the standard family consuming above 7.23 units per day, cost per day is Rs.83.15
For 3 days of power cut (It was actually less in our building) the association spent approximately Rs.250/- per flat altogether. But it is forcing a collection of Rs.1 per sft. 

What is cost of power generation in our DG set ?

As per website, PDF resource available online, it is Rs.11.48 per unit. Thank you the gentleman who asked for this clarification in private email to us. As per his request, his identity is withdrawn.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Chronology of events

June 2009Boulevard - OMR Project commenced by Ceebros BuildersLand taken from AKDR Group
June 2012Project completed - First of few families occupied. JLL appointed as Maintenance Company.Association formed by select few. They obtained all the powers and formalities from the builder.
June to Dec. 2012Maintenance and Management Mechanism CreatedThe select few apportioned the tasks to themselves. A person assumed the task of account service providing. After hardly few weeks of living, he left the apartment. But remained 'account service provider' - Never introduced, never ever informed to later committee members.
Dec. 2012*** ** was looking for a apartment in OMR Stumbled upon this project in casual conversation with a flat seller. After some efforts, identified a flat to let and entered this apartment as 'Tenant' since Jan-2013.
Jan-2013After proper intimation an EGM was conducted. Well attended by Owners and Tenants. There was maintenance arrears for previous quarter. Cleared by *** **.
E-Mail about a EGM in Jan-2013
Jan-2013One payment for previous quarter paid by cheque. Pre-Printed serial numbered receipt obtained.
Jan-2013Approached office to make current due maintenance paymentAccountant informed 2 dues Total Rs.27000 pending. After producing Pre-printed serial numbered receipt and cheque pass detail (cheque was passed 10 days earlier) entry was updated.
Jan-2013Notice Board information. To save paper and to environment, no paper receipt will be given. Cheques to be dropped in drop boxes. No personal visit to office by resident (to save accountant time)Personally protested to Mr.Kishore Panicker. Explained previous incident in which the accountant could update record only after producing pre-printed receipt. Informed Mr.Kishore, for apartment society, issuing proper serial numbered receipt is mandatory. Save paper attitude is not correct. Insulted by Kishore, that I need to talk to owner only.
Apr-2013Notice Board Information. If maintenance not paid within 15 days, DG backup will be cut.Pre-printed paper receipt practice stopped, cheque payment not updated, I decided to pay by credit card. Went 3 times to make payment (taking off from office work). 1st time accountant was not available. 2nd time credit card machine was locked in a drawer and key was not available. 3rd time person knowing credit card swipe not available. I could not pay within due date.
Apr-2013My DG backup was cut for non payment of maintenance.Contacted then president Mr.Kannan. Curtly informed that, 'talk to your owner'. Bluntly insulted with additional remark, 'Tenants do not have right to speak!'.
After registering my protest through E-Mail (record available), clearly mentioning that, "Maintenance due is billed only for current and future period, disconnecting a essential service (Power backup) for non payment is illegal (billing period itself is in future), I paid the maintenance and bought peace.
Year 2013 Found several postings in apartmentadda deleted or manipulated.No proper communication about who moderating.
Year 2013Some suggestions given for betterment of residents. All ignored, with a common remark, 'you become owner and become committee member and do it yourself! In our busy schedule we can give only this much attention'.
May-2014I became owner, volunteered to become committee member. Volunteered to become committee member to do my bit of service to the community where I live, and to help reduce the workload of others.
May-2014Claiming resident owners are not participating, an opinion was sought about including Non-Resident Owners into Management committee of Association.
July-2014AGM held, new committee members chosenAfter scrutiny 15 members including me accepted as Committee members. When apartment adda was suggested as 'Only Medium' to make payments, I protested stating, 1) It can be additional medium, 2) It is run by private, if they close the company and run away, who will go after them to collect money paid by residents.
July-2014AGM held. Resolution passed on voice vote accepting accounts ignoring protest by some.Account submitted showed an entry, 'Amount siphoned off' and close to Rs.1.65 Lakh was shown. On specific enquiry by a lady member, it was explained that a staff collected cash and ran away. Since he is from Kannagi Nagar, he may come with nearly 2000 persons and create nuisance, no action taken. When some members insisted to take action, they were told, 'you become committee member, and do yourself'. A standard usual phrase was repeated, 'anyone can come to office and see any records they want at any time. Full co-operation will be given!'
July-2014first committee meet that I attended.It was on Sunday in perfect Raghu Time (I preferred to go before 4:30 pm). Too casual meet. No one made introduction or self introduction. No stationery or Pen provided. President came late clad in half trouser and banian, murmured something and declared the meeting over. I offered help in account maintenance (as I had previous bad experience), President said, 'yes, no problem!'.
July-2014Chance encounter near Hindu officeAn old acquaintance met me. After initial talks, he wanted leads for large cooking gas consumers like our apartment society. I told him ours is an apartment of nearly 350 flats with piped gas supply and all are residential. He told me, "We will supply at Domestic Rates to all Without any KYC docs (self certification by dealers) and will improve upon whatever existing cost of purchase". He just wanted the info about at what rate we buy gas.
July-20141st email, 1st enquiryRemarks/Ref - Detailed in this PDF
Aug-2014Thinking about ResigningVery quickly (may be earlier than many of you) I decided.
1) This association is run by innocent people who do not know how to manage it; OR 2) By cunning clever people who are corrupt and efficient in deviating and diverting the issues. 
Aug-2014Closed meet with select membersAt the initiative of Mr.Ravikumar & Mr.Kamlakar (I am very sure, both are broad minded generous people with no iota of doubt, clean hand and clean heart people - Unfortunately they were cleverly manipulated to hate and turn against me) a close meet took place in which President and Secretary listened to me patiently. They agreed to give importance to my view points. Earlier I circulated 'Areas of Concern Document. It was read and appreciated.
Sep-2014Lady member resignedSuddenly received a email from Secretary that a lady member (who was very active till previous day and sought my assistance to prepare gardening contract draft) resigned and replaced. I asked for resignation document. Nothing was produced for nearly a month.
Oct-2014I resignedNearly after a month (of lady member resignation) a selective portion of email communication given to me. It was clear that the email was just (one month later after replaced) dated. When I pointed it out, 'Secretary offered to resign, President Offered to resign, other members offered to resign'. In order not to hurt them, I resigned.
Oct-20141st Meet about Corruption charges -
I did not attend
By now, I became sure that; This association is run by innocent people who do not know how to manage it; OR 2) By cunning clever people who are corrupt and efficient in deviating and diverting the issues.
But I decided not to attend the meet because, 1) I did not like to expose corruption in open forum with un-deniable evidences that may lead to a panic situation wherein culprits may stop water supply, gas supply etc., overnight and point finger at me as root cause; 2) I still wanted to give a chance for reform, allow the wrong doers admit mistake in private and do corrective steps. bornHaving proven to many that apartmentadda based ceebros boulevard forum is manipulated, I created online presence. But I limited that to static pages.
Jan-20152nd meet about Corruption Charges - I attendedEven though I was busy, left alone, let alone, felt defeated, insulted, I walked out of all the thoughts. As many people mentioned in apartmentadda forum that I seek publicity, I REMOVED MY KNOWN NAME in all posts. By now I am sure, 4 are corrupt. But they are clever enough to shout and divert the anger of all others against me. I attended this meet, offered reasonable explanation of my stand. I was threatened not to take notes of the minutes. I was threatened of assault. In a hall of 60 persons, I was let alone. About 50 people were against me. 20 of them aggressive towards me. 10 of them were sympathetic with me. None of them were supportive of me (I leave out a handful who supported me in private and expressed their inability to support me in public)
Jan-2015Shifted as tenantFor personal reasons I shifted flat and became a tenant.
Dec-2015Became owner - But prefer to identify as tenantI bought another flat and became owner. That is let out. I prefer to remain tenant and be treated as tenant.
Jan-2016Event - Flood relief forced collectionThe flood relief forced collection drive, and disconnecting power backup to non-payers forced me to revisit these pages and make them interactive contents in the form of this blog.
We write to taste life twice. Once at the moment of writing and twice, in retrospect while reading after sometime.

Scandal in another gated community near us ...

Arihant Escapade is another gated community near us in OMR. Few months back some member volunteered to check the accounts and other records of the society. They found huge malpractices and money siphoned. The whistle blowers were enough in numbers. Number of owners residing were also more. They caught red handed the culprits, made them to return all the money siphoned (otherwise they could have been jailed) and made to leave the entire apartment once and for all (leaving their property to-let).

This vital information was given by reliable source. In a chain of email, one of the past president of this association (CBFOA) was making repeated intrusions and suggestions. The moment a mention was made about this, the email chain got abruptly stopped. They know, the man caught red handed at the other apartment is close relative of this man.

Taking a cue from his father in law, this man, already left our apartment. But remote controls it through his proxies, like minded crooks, who manipulated the Bye-Laws of Society and made it possible for Non-Resident Owners to become committee members.

You will find many of these NRO (Non-Resident Owners) active in Apartmentadda, posting critical views and suggestions, fooling many, to make it appear, they live  here....

apartmentadda based ceebros boulevard forum is corrupt and manipulated. Use this to post your views.

Many residents of Ceebros Boulevard in OMR, Chennai, don't find their posts in apartmentadda based forum. This apartmentadda based forum is moderated by crooks. appartmentadda itself is an illegal software in International Standards.

Use our based blog to publish your unbiased opinions without restrictions. Just be sensitive to the community and keep in mind, these posts are read by children also. For a full reading (not professionally edited) visit