Saturday, 9 January 2016

You seem to have lot of information. How come ? and Why you publish them in bits and pieces?

This is another question posed by a lady regularly visiting our Gym. I came as tenant. Became owner. Became committee member. Found no probity maintained. No questions answered. I resigned, but continued my pursuit (much to the discomfort of 90%). At one stage I was intimidated. water supply to my flat was poisoned (no one will believe, that is the truth). In a specially convened EGM on 11-01-2015, (exactly year back) I was heckled. Someone in apartment adda mentioned that 'I am not fit to live in a gated community'. In the specially convened EGM, I was heavily outnumbered. People who supported me in private were forced remain mute spectators.The lady who called me 'publicity seeking nuisance' after ascertaining that I am a genuine person, gave her flat to me to become tenant. For several days after that EGM, I did not even venture out into open areas of gated community fearing attack. That is the fate of whistle blower like me.

My reading of novel, 'inferno' motivated me. If any other person had read that novel, let us blog about that separately. I purchased '' (now available at domain and put some of my evidences in internet.

The person who is root cause of all misdoing in this apartment, is skillfully diverting the attention of general residents with big initiative, book club and other social initiatives. His remarks, motivated me. The blog by another army person also motivated further. So this BLOG! :)

Anaïs Nin

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

― Anaïs Nin
Unfortunately, even after 1 full year, all the 42 issues raised by me is not resolved.