Thursday, 2 March 2017

Gated Community are not Heaven ! They could be Haven for Crimes ..

(Unless properly managed) Gated Community are not Heaven ! They could be Haven for Crimes ..

Two years back, when security entrance boom barriers did not work properly and vehicle sticker was introduced, I, as committee member, vehemently opposed. I put-forth the following points.
1. Vehicle sticker will un-necessarily identify us when parked away from our community. There always exists a simmering jealous towards elite and well settled by section of community. They think, these people are elite, let them be robbed. Let them pay more. Compared to other Indian cities, this tendency is more in Tamilnadu, particularly Chennai. This explains behavior of people like auto drivers. So our vehicles need not be restricted to be identified with a sticker.
2. When in-gate boom barrier became working and out-gate was kept open (as it remains now for past few weeks), I particularly objected that, criminals may make a fast crime and escape easily as the out gate is kept open. And this exactly happened this time, A helmet wearing, ceebros vehicle sticker affixed culprit entered the apartment, walked into a flat, threw chilly powder at the face of elderly lady, snatched the gold chain, and simply got out, riding his two wheeler.
3. Before two years, when I was committee member, when I saw a suicide attempted young lady was carried in half eye lid open condition and she did not come back even after 10 days, I asked the committee to check with flat owner and tenant and ensure the survival and well being of that lady. Else ask Police to investigate. I was branded as interfering in personal matters of other flat owner /occupant and with few more developments, I was forced to resign.

These are part of 42 issues I highlighted after hosting contents at

Remember, in a normal community, of 326 residents, 1) the chain snatching thief could not have easily escaped. 2) A possible homicide could not have been covered up that easily.