Thursday, 2 March 2017

High resolution Security Cameras in Ceebros Boulevard – Did not capture the Chain Snatching Robber

High resolution Security Cameras in Ceebros Boulevard – Did not capture the Chain Snatching Robber.

2014 FIFA World Cup Final was in full swing. Children were playing Soccer everywhere. So was in Ceebros Boulevard. In one of the committee meeting security camera captured video was played. It was very vivid and clear. Kids were tossing and playing foot ball in the long corridor. Rarely banging at lift doors and apartment doors. After possibly a 20 minutes video, a question was thrown at me (already identified as a rebel), ‘How to tolerate and manage these kind of behavior by kids?’.
I politely told them. Play the video on Independence Day celebrations for everyone to see. Give some gifts and sweets to participating kids. Then tell them politely, ‘Play as you like, but not in common corridor. Play in the open designated area!’ . My suggestion was promptly rejected and laughed at. Strictly worded notice was placed in lifts and notice boards. That, no play allowed in common area, no kids cycles, footwear, door mat allowed outside doors of any flat. They will be ‘confiscated’. I strongly objected to the word ‘confiscated’. I told them, even police have no authority to ‘confiscate’. Anyhow, due to various other reasons, I was forced to resign subsequently and I was practically ex-communicated.

Its OK! Can the CBFOA (Ceebros Boulevard Flat Owners Association), who provided very clear and vivid footage of kids playing football in corridor, provide now, clear footage of the robbery that took place in a corner flat in 8th floor yesterday (01-03-2017) at around 6:30 pm ?

Ceebros Boulevard has obviously, all the modern facilities. It did not provide video door access. Why? Because Ceebros Builders had provided even better amenity of ‘watching entire set of security cameras by any flat in their TVs at a particular Channel’. Presently this great security feature is used (misused) by select few flat owners. 90% others do not even know such facility exists. I myself came to know of this great feature, only after overhearing conversation of some privileged committee members. Had this already available facility is made active, many other flat residents could have watched and taken steps to capture the chain snatching culprit. Why not? Why not?

............. Do not just read! - React. If not appreciating, atleast condemn me !