Sunday, 19 March 2017

Who is the President ?

Respected Secretary ;

In a rare gesture (for this CBFOA), your have revealed your name and designation in a notice fixed in Lifts that is informing about an EGM to be held on Sunday at 10 am in indoor games room to discuss about repairs in the aftermath of cyclone 'Vardah'. Unfortunately this small print notice is already covered by another 'car advertisement' notice by very next day. This makes me to wonder that holding secret meetings by select few and creating records as if formal meeting was conducted and collective decision taken - is being falsely created.

You are aware that, me, when was owner and resident in one flat volunteered to become a committee member, found systematic corruption and malpractices, and was forced to resign, through a well organised campaign by select few.  I sold that flat and became tenant in another flat. It is at that time, when I became tenant, I came to know that, 'tenants do not even see' what is posted and discussed among owners in apartment-adda forums. As apartment adda is highly manipulated by select few (I am sure, you are NOT part of that), who do not even reveal their identity, and hate messages against me, that crossed decency and dignity of educated people (calling me 'boil in ass', statement 'I should be kicked out of this community', calling and provoking others that 'all should join hands and attack my residence') posted, I have stopped visiting apartment adda and even common facilities of this gated community.

I am, now, owner and resident in another flat . I receive no notice or intimation about any meetings. I am entitled to receive them, in paper records, delivered at my place. Please do the needful.

You have revealed yourself as the Secretary. Kindly let me know, by record, who is the President and who are the signatories for operating bank accounts and the procedures following in electing or selecting them.

For reasons that is already recorded and communicated several times, that I am being singled out and attacked and threatened, in the last EGM conducted in January 2015, unknown hooligans and rowdy elements were brought in and threat made to me, minutes of that EGM, specifically conducted to answer corruption charges leveled by me, was never circulated, water inlet to my apartment (when was in Flat 3-B) was poisoned, induced hate atmosphere created against me, .... I will NOT attend this EGM proposed on Sunday 29-01-2017. 

Your present association, created by representation of hardly 10% of occupants, made to appear bigger attendance by creating false records of multiple members for select flats, without serving proper notice at visible place and delivered at addresses, is almost illegal. Money extortion from residents for December 2015 floods, disconnecting DG power supply to them, is illegal. 

Though, I do not attend this EGM, I record my opposition to any extra levies or charges forced upon the residents of this gated community for repairs and restorations for 'Vardah Cyclone' damages. Repairs and restorations need to be done, out of huge funds already available without any fresh levy on owners or occupants. Please mark it as my view.