Saturday, 29 July 2017

Bigg Boss Juliana and Ceebros Boulevard Residents

I am not a regular TV viewer, especially for TV serials. By blah blah kind of Hip Arthritis has forced me indoor for the past several weeks and my condition may continue so for several coming weeks. A new kind of reality show interested me.

Amongst the less known celebrities joined a rural bold girl with lot of grit and determination, Juliana. She was hated by almost all. Together with a fellow gentleman, Paramakudi Bharani. The later attempted to jump the wall and got succeeded in forced door walk away to freedom. Juliana determined to be with the crowd. The crowd that thinks big about themselves and considers Juliana as a cheap junior. Like any idiot, over jubilant girl, she fell, tripped on carpet. The fall was sudden, total, stomach violently hitting the floor.  That she developed huge, unbearable pain after few hours is natural. At that time, most others, including Namitha, Gayathri, Raiza, thought …. Juliana is acting and overdoing and their comments were audible. At the time of fainting, ears work and register the sounds. So, Juliana was telling Oviya, “other are telling, I am acting! I was able to hear them while I was almost fainting!’. Oviya comforted her. We all, who watched the reality serial know.

But what happened next is intriguing. Equals the performance of this high society (?) gated (but compound wall left broken) community residents. Once upon coming back to rational thinking, Juliana changed the tables. She told everyone else, Oviya only said, “others are telling, you are acting!”. Juliana decided to ignore Oviya and did things that was pleasing to others. Pleasing to the very same people who loudly accused Juliana of acting.

Now, one more of AGM/EGM meeting taking place. Everyone will act, in such a way, it will be pleasing to the others. Pleasing especially to the select few, who placed themselves due to serendipity at advantageous position and calling shots either from behind or in the open. The select few are very successful, in diverting attention of majority of residents, in the guise of calling them tenants, as if untouchables. In diverting the attention of tenants, with beautiful campaigns in the guise of saving the world with some big initiatives. Juliana (residents) knows the real culprits. Better she will be with them enjoying the comfort of not getting nominated for eviction.

Please DO NOT ask (no use even if you ask, you will be branded a villain spoiling the peaceful atmosphere of a happy society), the following questions:-

1.       As per the builders agreement, Ceebros had cleared committed in writing, the following:

a.       Presently the project is not having water supply and drainage facility. When the facility becomes available, the builder will do the needful to get that facility.

What effort the committee took to get water and drainage at the cost and efforts of builders?

2.       Among, about 326 residents, any opinion sought, if they agree and support the stupid program of garbage collection at door steps, reducing this society into a street house with a calling bell to dispose the garbage when bell rings?

3.       The convenience store, suppose to be a common property of everybody, why left to the ownership of builders?

4.       Society having as per its own declared records, above Rs.7 crores corpus and surplus money, why buying water at Rs.24 Lakh and selling to residents at Rs.70 Lakh (figures from audited accounts).

5.       In Jan-2015, an EGM was organized, to answer corruption charges raised by a resigned committee member. At that time, notice was fixed in all lifts. Why no minutes or action taken report circulated later?

6.       Why apartment adda moderators never reveal their identities? Why, tenants (85% of occupants and income contributors) do not even allowed to see or read the posts marked ‘owners only’?

Please do not ask these questions. Behave like a Juliana. Go with popular opinion (popular opinion of select few, not outside masses). Clap when told to give a big hand. Most important, do not read . Just behave no such web site exists.